Accent Softening

· One to one personal coaching · Small group coaching

Accent softening

This work is aimed at speakers who have English as a second language and wish to improve clarity and pronunciation. It is also designed for those who want to soften regional accents and acquire a more neutral sound. 

The process of this work introduces you to the production of voice and speech and will take you through Standard English sounds using the International Pronunciation Alphabet (IPA). Detailed and practical exercises will help you find the correct placement for vowels and consonants and promote an awareness of English intonation and stress patterns.

Through clear explanation and a new understanding, old habits become new ones. This intensive work requires commitment and regular practice but the rewards are worth it.

Benefits of accent softening
  • Improved communication and clarity

  • Clearer understanding of how speech sounds are made

Sessions are tailor made to suit your needs and all corresponding exercises and information will be provided. You can also record the sessions which will aid you during homework.

A Ben Ami

"I made a lot of progress in my objectives.  I think your method of teaching was very good and was accurate in answering to my needs.  I can hear a big difference in the way I sound."

A Ben Ami, Spoken English student


A Ben Ami, Spoken English student

E Piscione

"I want to thank you for your careful, professional teaching and your friendly kindness."

E Piscione, Spoken English student


E Piscione, Spoken English student